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     Thank you for your interest in the Huge Walking T-Rex Dinosaur with Dino Trail. The T-Rex dinosaur normally preforms three daily interactive educational walk-abouts consisting of thirty-minutes. During the presentations focus is placed on interacting with and entertaining the public. The static display of Dino Trail is perfect for high traffic areas. In addition to the walkabouts our standard display is a great 20 x 30 with all different types of fun dinosaur activities (the tent or building is provided by the event).  The display features informational fact sheets providing the public with information about each dinosaur species being displayed. The static display also includes a fossil dig so imagine the excitement and fond memories of the Fair when every guest will find and take home a free fossil from our fossil dig. 

     Being part of a not for profit educational foundation (501 c 3) fairs find Dino Trail to be very inexpensive and many find a sponsor to sponsor us for the fair. As you are aware most other Walking Dinosaur shows can be over $2000.00 each day plus the mileage fee. You will find our daily cost for fairs to be very reasonable.

     Please let us know what else we can answer for you. 
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