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Since the 1990’s Animal Alley Productions has been performing exotic animal presentations for schools, fairs, and special events. In 2017 Animal Alley Productions acquired Dinosaur Junction, which was rebranded into the Dino Trail of today with all new displays and brand new hidden leg dinosaurs.
Theses exciting audience interactive presentations are geared to the entire audience and are fun based and educational!
For public schools, Dino Trail can perform multiple smaller presentations throughout the day, so the youth get a better experience and exposure. For larger venues, daylong or multiple day long events Dino Trails provides a static display with group presentations, stage presentations, or a combination.
For events such as State or County Fairs, The National Night Out and other special events, Dino Trail can provide a static display with walkabout dinosaur presentations.
Foundation history:
Animal Alley Productions was founded in the 90’s by The Stewart Family after David Stewart’s retirement from the military. Animal Alley Productions is based out of New York State, but travels across the country throughout the year. In the 90's Animal Alley Productions was able to acquire a 14,000 square foot (football field) building in upstate New York to house the animals and Dino Trail
Background/ Experience:
The founder of Animal Alley Productions, David Stewart has a background over twenty years of Law Enforcement, Emergency Medical Services, protection of environment / wildlife and educating the public on the environment / wildlife with the United States Government, Department of Interior, National Park Service and other agencies. He is also a retired member of the Army/Army National Guard for more than twenty-three years serving as a NCOIC and being deployed to various locations, one such deployment was to Ground Zero (World Trade Center 09/11) for nearly ten months. David has also served a youth leader, camp staff, scout leader and has years of working with youth through schools and youth organizations developing his technique and teaching skills
Animal Alley Productions / Dino Trail has been featured on numerous radio and television programs over the years and featured as the main entertainment for even more events providing the audience with a fun packed educational program.
For further information, please feel free to contact us at the information: